Car Keys Guidlines

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An innumerable amount of car makes and models was produced and later modified and upgraded over the years and there are many more of them to come.

On the other hand – one can’t say that there is also a huge number of different types of car keys. Many people don’t know much about the differences between car keys types, but they are easy to explain.

This article will teach you everything you should know about car keys. You will find this information quite useful, once you need a duplicate or a lost, broken or stolen car key replacement service.

  • Standard car keys – those are the most simple keys, made of solid metal. These are just basic, simple keys that can be easily duplicated and reproduced. If the wrong person finds a way to access this key – you car will be in danger and you should contact an auto locksmith ASAP.
  • Transponder keys – they are very easy to distinguish from a standard metal key, because they have a piece of plastic that covers the top of the key. Under that piece of plastic – there is an electronic chip that sends a radio signal to the ignition, once you insert it. Unless the ignition detects the right frequency of the signal – the car won’t start. The Transponder chip protects your car from auto-theft. Even if someone manages to duplicate your Transponder key – he won’t be able to drive your car!
  • ATS keys – the reason why they are the last to be mentioned is their relative rarity. These are high security keys that were made in the 90’s. In order to distinguish between a VATS key and a Transponder key – you should look at the key blade. The VATS key has an electric resistor on it and the Transponder key doesn’t have any.

When you need a car key related services, it’s important to let the locksmith know what type of key you have or need.

There are many technicians who can’t solve VATS keys issues and not all of them can program Transponder keys either, so make sure that you book an appointment with a locksmith who has the ability to service you.