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The Other Door: The Garage Door Securing Your Home

Garage door

Similar to the security and lock mechanism on your front door, it is crucial to have a properly functioning and secure garage door in your home. When your front door or its locking mechanism is faulty, you would call your locksmith and render it an emergency. The same exact policy should be implemented should any harm come to your garage door, which you may even think of as your “other” front door. Additionally, if you use the same locksmith for all of your security and lock-related needs, you can have them check on multiple issues when they stop by for your garage door repair. This is a benefit of choosing a locksmith with a wide range of services, ensuring that they will already be familiar with the different mechanisms you have in place and will be ready and able to assist you with all of your needs.


Why Is The Quality Of Your Garage Door Lock That Important?

The garage door is a main entrance to your home, and sometimes used as the primary entrance by your family. The overhead garage door is also the only barrier standing between your motor vehicle and people with bad intentions. For these reasons, it is imperative to invest in a quality garage door and ensure on a regular basis that it is in top condition and functioning properly. Should there be any issues in the functionality of your garage door, make sure you know who to call for immediate garage door repair.


About Garage Doors: 

There are two main types of garage doors: those that open manually and those that open with an electric motor, also known as a “garage door opener”. Additionally, largely depending on the size of the garage door, they can be composed of either one or multiple panels. Commercial buildings typically use the larger varieties of garage doors.

Modern overhead garage doors are usually made up of multiple panels that roll along tracks. Springs are used to counterbalance the weight of the doors. For convenience, many garage doors come with a remote controlled device for opening or closing the doors.


What Could Go Wrong With A Garage Door Lock?

Like most hardware and security mechanisms, there are different issues that can arise, particularly over a period of time.

Some of the issues you may face with your garage and/or overhead garage doors are:


  • Misaligned garage door locks
  • Garage door opener impairment
  • Broken garage door lock
  • Broken remote receiver
  • Faulty receiver chip
  • Broken garage door remotes
  • Damaged weather seal
  • Missing parts


Do Not Undervalue The "Other" Door 


Impaired or broken garage doors are similar to a “welcome home” sign for burglars. They know that many homeowners leave the door to the garage unlocked on the inside, assuming the garage door is secured so it is therefore not mandatory to lock it. Furthermore, the inside door to the garage is typically very basic and simple for burglars to pick. No matter how great of a front door you have to your home, a broken garage door is rendering both your home and vehicle defenseless.


Professional, Handy, Versatile & Immediate Help At Your Fingertips

Should you notice any issues at all with your garage or overhead door, it is crucial to call your trusted locksmith as soon as possible and request their garage door repair. As this is an urgent matter, instead of requesting a typical garage door service, you can state that this is an emergency situation and have a dedicated team out to your location within 24 hours to repair the damage efficiently. This level of dedication is guaranteed by our 24/7 Locksmith Service.


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