How do Transponder Keys Work?

transponder keys

Looking for a car key replacement service for your transponder car key? Does your transponder key need reprogramming? Our car locksmith team can help you with all your transponder key related needs.

Car keys and ignition systems that incorporate transponder technology have been included in most new cars since 1995.

Why Use Transponders?

The technology behind transponder keys was added to vehicles in order to make it more difficult for them to be stolen. This relatively new form of auto protection has been shown to be relatively successful, as since it was introduced, car theft rates have gone down dramatically since the year 2000.

Of course, though, this technology does not ensure that your car is completely safe, as criminals in their determination and inventiveness have found other ways to profit from cars such as:

  • Towing the vehicle and using it for parts replacements
  • Bypassing the transponder
  • Re-programming the transponder system

However, all of these initiatives are far more complicated than just the old fashioned thieving of cars used to be, which is why incidents of car theft have been greatly reduced in past years. Therefore, many manufacturers continue to use them in vehicles today.

The word transponder is a combination of the words transmitter and responder.

How Does It Work?

Once the key is placed in the transmission and is turned to start the engine, the car sends a signal to the transponder which must return the correct programmed response, in order for the car to start.

The transponder and the receiver communicate with each other to determine whether or not their signals are a match.

If the signal codes are a match, the ignition lock is released wirelessly, enabling the car to start. If the codes do not match up with each other, the car ignition is not released and the car won’t start, keeping your car protected from car thieves.

Other Applications for Transponder Technology

Transponder technology has been used in the last sixty years to service many functions including:

In warfare- The allied forces used them to enable fighter jets to “communicate” with each other and let each other know that they were on the same side of the war and were not a threat to be eliminated.

With garage doors- That little black or white box that clips onto the inside of the sun visor inside your vehicle which unlocks your garage door automatically when you drive up to it works as part of a transponder system which allows the door to recognize the signal being sent by that tiny box.

In satellites- They provide a form of communication by gathering signals through frequencies which are then received on earth, which is at the very least over 60 miles from earth!

In professional races- transponders are attached to individuals who are racing NASCAR race cars, running marathons, or racing on water. The transponders can time racers to the second which helps determine winners with extreme accuracy.

Each of our auto locksmiths has the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to program your transponder car key or cut you a new transponder key.

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