Car Ignition Key Extractions


It is a common belief that bad things come in threes. Try to remember the last time you had a rough day and often it was not just one but multiple bad things. At its worst, sometimes you have a day in which the power cuts off at home, your car windsheild gets cracked, and your superior at works asks you to work overtime, and you wonder why this all has to happen at the same time.

This is often the way life goes and it is during times like these in which your key is going to break off in the ignition or some other abnormal problem. But take a deep breath beause there is no need to worry. If this guide has found you before any of your keys have gotten caught in the ignition, be sure to follow the steps below to make sure you avoid this easy mistake.


Identifying the Issue

Ignition key jammedThese days it is fair to say that most people are not very knowledgeable about how their car works. On the other hand, with the growing intricacies and computer technology of automobiles it is a feat even for mechanics to keep up. This is the point when it is important to tell you that if you have attempted to get your key out with no luck then now is the time to stop. 

If you carry on trying to painfully wrestle the key out you can potentially damage your car which will result in a much more lengthy and costly key extraction. There are a number of potential causes for this problem:

  • Destroyed lock cylinder
  • Dead car battery
  • Damaged or old key
  • Debris trapped in the ignition
  • Vehicle not in park
  • Ignition failure

The first step for you to take is finding a certified automotive locksmith who can pinpoint the problem and figure out the best plan going forward. Just some of services he or she can provide on site is extract the key, fix any destruction that may have been caused and even cut you a brand new key if necessary. 


Extracting a Stuck Key From The Ignition

The unfortunate truth is that removing a key is not as simple as just wiggling it around back and forth and praying for it to come out. Most ignitions in today's automobiles are highly tuned systems that are made to be compatible with only one particular key and go through a certain series of motions before the vehicle can be started. If any step along this process malfunctions the key can jam. Even worse, if the key breaks inside the ignition this can lead to even more serious issues. The important thing here is to find someone with the right specialized tools and lubrications to delicately remove the key.


Perhaps it’s the Ignition Switch, Not the Car Key

transponder key programming might cause the ignition switch to failIn certain cases you may have a well-maintained key, but for some reason it still gets stuck. This is again why you need a technician to look over the situation. The older an ignition the more it is susceptible to general wear and tear. Furthermore the locks, cylinders and other aspects of them may fail with age.

In other cases there may be a problem with transponder keys. The difference between a transponder key and a standard key is that it typically has a large plastic piece on the end. Inside the plastic is a small chip that sends a signal to your vehicle’s ignition, and as a result the car can start only if it receives that signal. If either the transponder or the ignition has been damaged this signal may not be transmitted in the right way which can cause this problem. What we can do is reprogram either the key or the ignition to make sure everything is back in proper order.


It Is Time for a New Car Key

Similarly as the ignition takes on wear over time, so too does your key. When a key is flawed it will not rotate the lock cylinders properly and can get stuck. Similarly, you can run into a problem if you accidentally break your key in the ignition. In the rare chance that you manage to remove your key, don’t attempt to insert it again! This puts you at risk of either once again getting it stuck, doing more damage to the lock cylinders or even breaking it.

No matter what problems you run into, we are here to fix it. We can cut a new key on site, switch the transponder chip from the old key to a new one and, even if you have somehow lost the key, we create a new one from scratch for you.


The Mobile Locksmith's Advantage

A damaged ignition can put you in quite the bind. It requires that you find a place to get repairs, but you cannot go anywhere because you cannot start your car. Before you decide to pay for a tow truck which will take a chunk out of your day, you should contact our certified 24/7 Locksmith Service. Car mechanics are typically only open 9-5, and if you want after-hour service, forget about it. You will pay dearly for that!

We can meet you anytime, anywhere and repair your car on the spot so that you can get back on the road and back to your life.


It’s Quite Simple

Remember, a key stuck in your ignition is not a serious problem. No need to panic and spend hours trying to wriggle your key out the ignition, just take a deep breath and consult your options. Don’t waste time phoning the mechanic and getting a tow truck either, but choose the quickest and most affordable option and contact an authorized locksmith today.


If your key is stuck in the ignition switch, call us now!