The Importance of Changing Your Home Locks

Key left in door

Think back to the last time you changed your locks. How long ago was it? Five years? Ten years? Never? Whether you own your home or are renting it there is a huge assortment of reasons why you might want to change your locks. They include:

  • Moving to a new home
  • A neighbors home was burgled
  • Repair or replace locks that have become damaged
  • Your purse was lost or stolen with your keys in it
  • Someone is moving out of your home while you are staying
  • Your keys disappeared for hours and “magically” reappeared
  • You changed babysitters, house cleaners or other service personnel
  • You or someone you live simply lost the keys
  • Upgrade your security

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to change your house. Remember, investing it new locks is a lot less costly than the alternative. The best that you can do is call a certified locksmith who can assess your home’s individual situation and help you understand your security needs.


Types of Lock Services

Skilled technicians can provide a variety of different services for you. Whether you are repairing, replacing or upgrading, they can help you with:

  • Front-door
  • Rear-entry
  • Windows
  • Garage
  • Sheds, storm cellars and other building (it has a lock we can help you!)


What Kinds of Locks are Out There?

To the average consumer, there might not seem like much difference between locks. He or she might say “it’s just a lock.” However, the type of lock will greatly determine the safety and functionality of your home entry. The best locks are those that are not only the safest, but those that are the easiest to use.

We work with the following different traditional locks from extremely reliable brands such as Masterlock, Yale, Schlage, Baldwin, and Marks:

  • Door knobs- These are a great first line of defense, but they are very vulnerable if used alone because when they are somewhat easy to pick, and provide direct entry into your home or office.
  • Deadbolts- Most homes come equipped with a combination knob lock and deadbolt. These provides a basic layer of security because the deadbolt helps keep the door in place. There are also more effective if each uses a different key.
  • Mortise Deadlock- One step up from deadbolts. These require a key from both sides and a very helpful in a situation where a burglar has managed to jimmy open a door enough to twist the inside locks. Without a key on the inside, nothing moves so be sure you do not leave the key in.
  • Rim Latch Locks- These have a standard opening one side or a rim or circle on the other. The benefit of these locks is that they can lock automatically behind you in case you forgot.
  • Jimmy Proof Deadbolts- These are deadbolts with an additional layer of security where the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb component preventing someone from using a jimmy to pry the door open.


High-tech Options

Smart lock

These days, there are also a large variety of modern options that pair the security of twenty-first century technology with modern convenience. These are just a few examples of types of locks you might consider installing:

  • Keycard- As seen in many hotels, just swipe and enter. These systems may be paired with a built-in deadbolt system to make the doors less vulnerable to slim jims as well.
  • Keypad-Forget the hassle of carrying a key around and simply enter a four to eight digit code. These are easily reprogrammed so you can tell your number to anyone from service personnel to visiting friends and simply create a new pin whenever you wish.
  • Fingerprint- Although these systems tend to be on the pricier side, they truly restrict access to you and whoever has been scanned.
  • Smart Lock Adaptors- Products like the August Connect which allow you to use your current locking system with an adaptor that makes them functional via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  You can also be sure you never forgot to lock the doors.
  • Smart Locks- Dedicated systems designed to be 100% digital. These systems allow you to use mobile apps that can let you send temporary access to anyone, as well as help you monitor who is coming to and from your house.


Other Security Concerns

No lock is 100% safe and for this reason, it is always a good idea to include them as part of a total home security plan. Home security cameras provide an excellent additional layer of security as their presence alone has been known to deter thefts. Between limiting easy opportunities for burglars as well a multi-part safety procedure, you can rest easily knowing that your house is well-prepared for anything.


The Best Lock for You

Every home has unique security needs so it is important to have an expert consultation to be sure you are getting the appropriate locks for your safety needs and your budget. With the rapid development of technology, new high-tech locks have dramatically declined in price and are within the range of most consumers.

Not only this, we offer 24/7 support in case anything happens. Whether there is a break-in or simply routine maintenance, we come to you and remember an investment in your home’s locks is an investment in your own security. You really should be able to know your house is safe whether you at home or away.


So contact us today on (888) 254 0585 and see how easily we can help you!