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If you find yourself in need of professional locksmith services; you need honest locksmith experts who can not only handle the job professionally and quickly, but also won't charge you an arm and a leg for assisting you in your time of need.


The Most Affordable Locksmith Prices  

find a cheap locksmith near me at 24/7 Locksmith serviceStop right there! You don't have to look further than 24/7 Locksmith Service to find the best locksmith prices around.

For instance, if you’re locked out of your car, $25 will get you on your way in no time. Whenever you need our services, day or night, we can arrive at your location within 30min and complete the job on the spot quickly and professionally. The fact that every locksmith on our team will respond quickly, work with precision and treat you with the utmost respect in a professional, yet friendly, manner, means that you don't need to scour the internet for the cheapest locksmith services, for a 24 hour locksmith or for a professional mobile locksmith who can come to wherever you are in need. Whether you are on holiday in Florida and lose your car keys, or you are locked out of your office in Maine, you only need to keep this one phone number handy for all your locksmith service needs. 


Cheapest Locksmith Service Price Quotes In The USA

We guarantee complete transparency when giving out locksmith price quotes. The prices on the table below are mostly accurate, but there are some situations which we cannot foresee, such as if you want a basic home alarm system or a state-of-the-art commercial alarm system installed. This is why some of the prices on this table have a star next to them. However, before commencing any work:

  • Our locksmiths will always provide you with a written quote to sign off on. 
  • We will try our best to offer you a few alternative solutions to choose from at different price rates. 
  • If you are in an emergency lockout situation, we don't want to waste your precious minutes so we will make sure the price quote you sign off on is already the lowest cost locksmith price you can find anywhere for that service. Guaranteed. 


Cheapest Locksmith Price Table**  
Locksmith Services Service Price  Locksmith Services     Service Price 

Car lockout


House lockout


Key extraction


Master key made


Transponder key replacement


Smart key reprogramming


Car trunk lockout


Garage remote repair


New lock installation


Lock re-key


Mailbox lockout


Mailbox lock change


Make a new car key (not copy)


Install Window Bars


File cabinet lockout


File cabinet rekey


Installing security cameras


Alarm system installation


Key Duplication


Car alarm reprogramming


Keyless entry installations


Push Bar Installation


Security Assessment


Service Call Fee $19
 * These prices are approximate and are subject to change upon our locksmith's professional assessment.
All price quotes will require your signed approval before any work commences.


Our Low Cost Locksmith Guarantee

Our locksmith team is ready to be of service to you whenever you need us, with lower prices than ever. We maintain the highest standards of service at competitive locksmith prices. Our clients often ask us “How much does a locksmith cost in a lockout situation?” When we name our prices, we are often asked why our fees are so much lower than those of other companies. The answer is simple. The prices we charge are what we consider fair compensation for the tasks we complete.

We don't believe that just because you need our services, that a locksmith should charge the earth. That's why we attract the best locksmiths in the business: the ones who want to make your life better and easier. Our locksmiths know how crucial our services can be, are ready to make a difference and take pride in being able to lend a professional hand when you need it most. We are not here to make a buck off you when you are at your most vulnerable: we are here to help!   

Our team members are not only qualified and professional locksmiths ready and able to help with the attitude, tools and experience under their belts to get the job done right, but we can also afford to give you the cheapest locksmith prices in town. Guaranteed! 


How, you might ask, can we undercut the competition so confidently?

  • lowest locksmith cost nationwideOur locksmiths are all mobile: they don't need to pay the overhead of renting out a property and property maintenance. 
  • Our company is nationwide, which means we only need one website and the costs associated with maintaining a website, for an entire team of locksmiths all across the country.
  • We are a large enough locksmith company to buy all our equipment in bulk: which means we save on our expenditure, and pass the savings on to you.
  • Our locksmiths are all locals, which means our nearest locksmith can reach you in under 30min and also doesn't need to spend an exhoribitant amount on petrol. 
  • Our company is nationwide: if your sleepy town only has two locksmith emergencies a week, it won't affect our company's prices because a busier town might have two locksmith emergencies an hour! It all evens up for us overall, so we can afford to keep our prices low.

Plus we also provide a 90 day service guarantee. That means that we are so confident you will be happy with our services, if you have any problems you can call us anytime within 90 days of the original service and we will come back to fix it again for free!


To get the professional locksmith services you need at reasonable prices, contact our 24/7 Locksmith Service hotline today! 



** Important Notice:

The Locksmith price rates that appear on this page or that are quoted over the phone are estimates. They are approximately accurate, based on our extensive experience, but a final price quote will always be provided in writing once our nearest locksmith reaches you and assesses the situation in person. Then you will also be given multiple solutions at different price rates to sign off on. Additionally, if our qualified and professional locksmith runs into an unexpected complication during the procedure, they will stop work to explain the situation to you and offer multiple choices for completion of the job at different prices. Then you will once again be provided with a written quote to sign off on before the locksmith once again resumes their job. Even if we run into unexpected surprises in the course of the job, we will endeavour to make sure you don't!