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Everyone wants a good neighbor, so let us introduce ourselves. We are the 24/7 Locksmith Service, and we’re always willing to lend a hand – any time. Locked out of your house? We’ll run right over and get you inside, no trouble. Broken into? We’ll be there with a shoulder to lean on and a professional to depend on. Or if you just need good advice on how to improve security around the house, we have the solution you need. We want to be the home locksmith that is first on your call list as a dependable neighbor in security. Our family of professionals knows the neighborhood, and we’re happy to be your neighbor in residential locksmith service.


We Know Home Security!

One of the things that makes us a good neighbor is our sheer knowledge of the home locksmith craft. We can repair, re-key or set you up with any new lock you may need, from door knob fixtures, to dead bolts, to state-of-the art locks like biometric locks that open with a swipe of your finger. We can handle gate locks, garage doors, glass doors, all the way to interior door locks that add an extra level of security. If you’re just moving in and aren’t sure about what extra keys may be out there, we’ll drop by and re-key your old lock or set you up with a new lock – one that suits the style of your home. If you want to update your security – which you should do periodically – we’ll come over and assess your situation to advise you about what you may need. We know the nuances of home security, such as having stronger strike plates to help prevent a door from being barged open.


You Need The Best Home Locksmith Services

the best home locksmith security system

There are a lot of valuable things in that home of yours – computers, TVs, stereo equipment, even cherished family heirlooms. And that’s all not to mention the people you love. So you know that keeping everyone and everything safe is about the most important thing there is. We’re here to help you in that quest. At 24/7 Locksmith Service, we know the value of a secure home, and we take particular care in making sure our customers - and everything that means so much to them - are safe and sound.

Things go awry sometimes, and having a good neighbor to help out sure comes in handy. If your home is broken into, we empathize with the stress you’re going through. We’ll be right there to get the problem fixed and make sure no more bad luck comes your way. And we’ll offer other tips to make things more secure around the house. If you’ve locked yourself out without a spare key, well that’s just plain embarrassing, as well as frustrating. But, hey – it’s happened to us before, and we know how to get you inside without you breaking into your own home.


Air-Tight Home Security System

Secure house windowsDo you know just how vulnerable your home may be? Sadly enough, there are those who do. For instance, many burglars know that the best way to get into a home is through the garage door. So how secure is that garage door, or the door that connects the house and garage? How about your window security? Or your side doors, glass doors and gate entrances? At 24/7 Locksmith Service, we have know how to make those vulnerable points air tight. If you’re unfortunate enough to have been burglarized already, we’re the first home locksmith that’s on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like our name says. We get there fast, and go out of our way to correct your problem in a friendly and professional manner. Even when you lock yourself out of your home, we’ll be there quickly and get you into your home without any damage.


Finding A Residential Locksmith Near My New Home

If you’re just moving into a house, a good home locksmith can be your best friend. If it is an older home, we’ll help you refurbish your security. After all, you may not know if there are extra keys floating around out there. We offer something as simple as a re-key, or something as thorough as a lock installation. And we can match fashionable, but modern, lock types with the type of home you have. If you’re not sure about the security in your new home, we’ll come by, assess your situation and give you the best advice on how to keep things safe. Our licensed, bonded experts have knowledge about all types of security systems, from basic locks to non-key high security systems. A service call from 24/7 Locksmith Service only costs $19, making us the most affordable residential locksmith in your area.


Sleep Easier With a 24/7 Residential Locksmith Service Always On Call

We want to be the best home locksmith you can find, so we’ll go out of our way to be a good neighbor. For new homes or older ones, we’ll make your problem our challenge and be there to help you in the chores of home safety. For all of your home locksmith needs, call us and we’ll come a running.

With a call to 24/7 Locksmith Service, you can rest assured that you’ll have a true residential locksmith pro doing the job. Then you can sleep easier knowing that you, your family and all your belongings are as safe as can be. Call us Now!